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Originally Posted by DR.ZED View Post
Yup. Its what I did to swap an entire i engine in my e. I had an 85 so the same C101 rectangular connector as you. Not sure why you aren't tuning the "e" computer? If you swap computers the stock "e" block flywheel injector pickup won't be read by the "i" computer and various other sensors, like the 7th injector etc...? The crank position sensor on the "i" engine is on the harmonic damper as well.

Rudy has a 2.7 "i" engine, not sure how his is configured whether he swapped flywheels and damper. (e engine is heavy dual mass flywheel).

If you get this sorted out I have a tuned "e" computer from MarkD. Granted its not tuned for 2.7L but it may be a good start for you, if you're interested in it.
Just to add a note to anyone looking into this, I'd recommend not using the E front damper, not only because of the lack of a trigger wheel, but the fact that the weight and harmonics may not be ideally suited a higher revving engine may cause issues down the road, especially if the motor gets used hard.

My motor was, and to keep things simple, a 325i with 2.7 internals. Everything else on the outside was from the 325i, including harness, sensors, damper, flywheel, etc etc.

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