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E39 Touring (wagon) grey interior

I have an almost complete grey interior out of an '01 540i wagon with ~104k miles on it. I swapped from grey to black, so it is basically the full interior below the belt line - no upper dash/cluster/wheel, no upper pillar trims, no headliner. Trim shown is not included, but I could probably part with it for the right price.

- front "comfort" seats: leather is in good shape, no noticeable twist, though there is some wear and tear and broken tabs on the plastic covers. I didn't think to explicitly test all the power functions before I pulled them, but you kind of have to cycle through the basic functions to get them out anyway. They're not heated. Comes with first aid kit box (empty).
- rear seat (wagon-specific): in general the leather is good, but there is wear on all the seams. Probably from child seats, I'd guess (also found some cherrios etc).
- front door cards: nice shape
- rear door cards + roller blinds: nice shape; includes all the roller blind hardware (window trims, hooks etc) and gloss shadowline interior trim
- lower dash + glove box
- center console incl. euro armrest, e-brake boot, side trims, etc.
- b pillar trims
- kick panel/dead pedal
- full cargo area panels and trims, including hatch trims: generally in good shape, but some broken tabs here and there (trims around the hatch opening in particular)
- seat belts
- pull-out cargo cover
- carpets: I cut the front carpet on both sides around the hvac stack for removal - you won't see this when it is installed. Carpet is in nice shape - you'll probably want to get it shampooed, but it is from a southern US car, so no salt stains etc, and the bottom side is pretty clean.

Asking $875 for everything.

Obviously this is not as desirable as a black sport interior, but wagon stuff is hard to come by and there are some moderately rare bits there (the rear door sun shades/blinds mainly), so I'm negotiable. I'd really like to sell the whole lot together, but I'd consider breaking it up into reasonable chunks if need be. I'm not selling it piecemeal, and I'm not shipping anything.

More pictures of just about everything here:

I also have some black parts too (lower dash, door cards, and various trim pieces), but not much touring-specific.
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