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Originally Posted by KINKY View Post
Just because we bubble tea and wear Rolexes it does NOT mean we own the car for status sakes. If I wanted status I wouldn't be driving a BMW in the first place. Second what's wrong with having a set of $5000.00 rims and going with the piggyback? Different strokes for different folks. Last but not least, we are not cheaping out on ecu tuning, if I seriously wanted a flash I could have gone for DINAN.

Some people just need to stop riding Mark's dick. If I wanted a flash I wouldn't mind considering MarkD as a potential route, but I don't see why there is so much hate towards a piggyback. At the end of the day tuning or piggybacking the end result is increased hp/tq.

No matter how much bubble tea you drink, or how many Rolex's you own... you've just proven yourself an ass.

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