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Wheel and tire hesitation

Hey guys!

I was thinking about purchasing a set of ADR Rims for my 330ci and people told me that they are no good. I wanted them cause of the cheap price.

I then went to a shop and saw some pretty sick MRR GT1s and they are out of my budget this year lol. So I either buy the ADRs or buy new tires for my stock 17s and save up for the MRRs

If I get tires for my stock 17s: I have 205/50/r17 and I would like to go with some 225s, and I would have to probably go with 45s. I have a stock suspension and I dont want a bigger gap between my fenders and wheels, would going down to 45s give me a bigger gap?

What do you guys think about ADR? I wanted the m-sport but they guy told me he cant get them, but I can get the ST7 or ST8 with falken tires for $1200
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