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I went to go bring my car into a mechanic who was willing to do a diagnosis test on it! So far he couldn't figure out the problem and a lot of problems came up on the diagnosis test. I got my boyfriend and father to mess around with the battery cables one day because just recently the car has been dying in the middle of the road and when I try to boost it up again it takes at least 10 tries for it to restart and then I get a notification on my car saying "check battery terminals" ever since my boyfriend and dad messed around with the cables the "check engine: increased emissions" light has gone off and the only notifications I get are "coolant level low" "high battery drain" and "passenger restraint"! The car was working perfectly after and I had no transmission faults on the way home until just recently the computer screen would start to flicker on and off and luckily I was able to get home the moment I shut off my car and tried to restart it, it would not restart and I have to boost it again to get it working! After that had happened my car now sends off notifications such as "engine temperature too hot" and when I shut my car off and lock it the engine fans are still running in my car to cool it down. The will ultimately drain my battery now! If anyone has any idea what's going on with my car please let me know! And maybe could you quote me how much each part would be to fix it! I'm really disappointed with my purchase and I figured since it's a bmw that it would be a reliable car! Was I ever wrong! Let me know what I should do I could use all the advice I could get right now
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