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Originally Posted by frankie591 View Post
futmair is an idiot. according to him, an auto-manual swap for an e30 is completely impossible, and cannot be done...unless you pay him to do it for you (hint: it won't be cheap!)
I agree - he's an a-hole. Took my 911 there to get his opinion on lowering it, he looked me up and down filled with judgement like I was some punk, then basically said it would be $2K, plus more than likely another $1K in parts (since my car was 'old' (it's an '87, with no winters, original paint and about 36k miles, basically it's cleaner underneith than most cars on top) he didn't even look at the car. Other shops I've tried basically want 6 hours labour, and there's no parts iinvolved. He's a crook, and has been ripping people off for years. I've talked to many people with Porsches and BMW's who have only used him once, never to return.
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