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1. I started up the car and there was no fuel leakage from the FPR (took a few tries)


2. I did however noticed SMOKE coming from the Rear Left side (where the fuel filter/pump) is? This freaked me out and I turned the car off immediately.

The smoke was not exhaust (I have a plastic tube which I vent it out of the garage), it smelt like something was "burning/plastic/metal"?

3. I got under the car (engine off) to see if I can find the source. NO LUCK...

4. After opening up my garage and side doors for about 5 minutes, I let the smoke clear up. Risking it... I started up the engine once more, with my fire extinguisher on stand by. This time, NO SMOKE.

I did notice the usual gasoline smell and I can hear the fuel pump buzzing away. Aside from that nothing "unusual"...

Does anyone have any idea WTF it is that may have caused it?

Should I continue to worry/be concerned?

I am paranoid right now, so I went out tonight immediately to buy a smoke and fire alarm (2in1) detector. I mounted it device above my garage entrance door. While I was at the big (W), I bought a brand new large fire extinguisher to mount in the garage as well. This is no biggie as I was always planning to do this, but I have been putting it off. However, this time there was more urgency!

I think the worst nightmare right now is if the old E30 burst into fire in the middle of night, risking my family and my house...
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