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Originally Posted by duaux View Post
@bullet ride: I did not put any lube on the o-ring, I guess I am screwed? Bentley manual did not note the requirement.
Extinguisher in your car? Sounds crazy, but a GOOD IDEA.
You're not necessarily screwed. It's just that a little bit of lube helps the o-ring slide in without dragging too much which can tear the o-ring. If you were careful you should be ok. It's always good practice to have an extinguisher near by when working on your fuel system. I have a small one mounted right under the drivers seat because these old cars have a habit of trying to kill you every now and then . It's definitely a must a turbo car. I've seen a car catch fire at the track before because the oil supply like to his turbo failed. He didn't have an extinguisher so he had to wait until someone who had one got to him

Just start the car up and see if it leaks. If it doesn't you should be good to go but it wouldn't hurt to keep an extinguisher in your car just in case.
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