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This particular example of the Cayman S was purchased last summer and has been serviced by Apollo Detailing since new. It was in excellent shape the last time I performed a complete detail, despite the new car swirls. This time, it had accumulated some light damage.

There were swirls over the entire vehicle, possibly as a result of dirt contamination in the wash media from the owner. The owner has since signed up on a maintenance plan for the summer to have it properly cared for.

As well, the interior took about 3-3.5 hours. Gum was embedded in the passenger seat, as well as normal dirt buildup in the carpets and seats. It took longer this time to remove the dirt and other grime from the leather seats, but nothing too unusual.


Flex L 3403 VRG
1Z High Gloss Polish
Lake Country White CCS
Klasse AIO
Klasse SG
Swissvax Saphir (by hand)
Poorboy's Tire Gloss
Metal Restorer
Commercial Wash Shampoo Gel


Commercial Carpet Shampoo
303 Aerospace Protectant
Leather Cleaner/Conditioner
Klasse AIO (door jambs)

I apologize in advance for the grainy pictures.

Before Pictures

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