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I was going to say............there's nothing dodgey about the European Ford division. They have always built top notch products, the only problem with them is that they're never available on this side of the pond. Even today the European Focus is a very highly regarded car in all trim levels. The Mondeo, was our Contour/Mistake twins until they were canned. My wife had a V6 Manual '98 Contour at the same time I had a mk3 VR6 Jetta and I preferred the Contour to the Jetta at the time. Mine was a '95 so was also the most desirable model. stock to stock the jetta was a blink quicker, the Contour would've driven cirlces around the Jetta, but it seems whatever european models do come here get no love. Look at the Pontiac G8, awesome Aussie/European car, definitely an M5 competitor at less than half the price, didn't sell, and was canned. For whatever reason N. Americans don't support the good products, yet look at how many crappy Grand Prixs and Grand Ams are on the road???? I don't get it. n The G8 is 10 times the car the Grand Prix was, yet everyone flocked to the Grand prix same division both Pontiacs and similar prices both were in the low 30's????

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