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Originally Posted by DINAN 3 View Post
Then why not a peep out of you, a few months back, when innocent Iranians were getting slaughtered in the streets ?
It's almost like the UN humane rights council, made up by the worst abusers currently known to mankind (take a look at the sitting members...),
that spends all it's time/funds (our tax $$$) scrutenizing Israel, while 100's of thousands of people are getting slaughtered daily, by the regimes they represent.
No wonder Israel doesn't trust these croanies, the likes of Muammar Gaddafi, to investigate its actions.
What about Hamas, purposely targeting the Israeli civilian population !
With your silence on that, you're implying that israeli civilians are fair game, but Palestinian civilian cassualties are not ?
I think you are misinformed! I have repeatedly said that any innocent life lost is wrong. That goes for both sides! Not just Palestinians.
As for Iran in my eyes that is a different matter as its more or less internal. However i am against certain actions their goverment takes. Saying that i think that they are portrayed far worst than what the truth is!
But lets not open two conversations at once!
As far as Israel and Gaza goes i see fault at both sides. But Israel has both better financial and military advantage . And you have to admit so far Israel has not been punished about actions that under other circumstances (or ethnicities) would have been severely punished!
As an example look at the war in Kosovo! It was very similar to this case with Kosovo being like Palestinians! So i Ask you this....Why isnt the same action taken to Israel?

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