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Originally Posted by DINAN 3 View Post sure define leftist "Chic"...defending these cowards, that use the urban population as shields, to draw Israeli soldiers into combat.
Ever ask yourself, what kind of people brainwash their kids and send them out into battle/harm's way (see previous video of Hamas fighter forcefully grabbing/dragging a kid by his shirt to act as his shield, into battle).
Obviously, with these kind of practices, the population will suffer a higher injury count.
Would your Mom send you, as a six year old, out onto the streets, into combat ?
A soldier/champion of the underdog like you can't defend that or will it again be 100% the IDF's fault ?
I doubt the difference in loses is cause they use urban population as shields.
You do know that Israel has the most advanced army in the world ?
Is it fair to attack civilian population when you know that that is all they are?
Yes maybe you get one bad guy out of 100 killed but is that the way to act?
And to answer your question a very desperate mom would yes. Even my mom would if she did not see an end to the tunnel and the only way to fight back would be that! I know you find it strange but its not the only place it happens! Poverty and deprecion lead to situation like this( Look at places where they sell their own children).
I am not saying that Israel is 100% at blame here cause they are not.
But if there is a fist fight and you show up with a my eyes you are the idiot....even if the other guy started it.
In no way Israel is just defending their rights.
All i see is them using that as a justification for their wrong doing!
Once again if Israel had allowed an international investigation and apologized for their actions they would be the better man in this case!
But all they do is act like they are above the international laws and falsefy the proofs.(hence why most cameras from the ships were taken).
Dont get me wrong i am in no way attacking you for suporting Israel for whatever the reasons are. But having met ISF troops and talking to them i know that what Israel does and says are not right!

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where the brave may live forever"
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