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Exclamation Facts please...

Originally Posted by Blades View Post
No .. The difference is that a coast guard would not fire first and ask questions later. Also if any soldier of any country boarded a ship they wouldnt just let them selves be beaten by sticks so easy as portrayed in your video. Think about it .. like really think about .. if you were one of those soldiers with a gun .. would you let activists just beat you??

stop joining the german bandwagon .. they were wrong once and im not surprise you and they are again .. history repeats itself right?
1) They didn't just fire first, but asked them politely to re-direct to Ashdod or Cairo or be prepared to be boarded.
When told "Jews, go back to Auschwitz" and "Did you forget about 9/11", there was no other option but to board.
Opening fire, in a naval conflict, would mean torpedoes, canons + heavy artillery.
These people weren't looking for a friendly escort, like Magnus suggested.
Israel, mindfull of the media and some legitimate peace activist on board, under-estimated the mob on the upper deck.
This is evident in their main choice of artillery; "paintball guns".
Only when their lives were threatened, by being overpowered by the sheer size of the mob, did they fire their personal hand guns.

2) now...the Germans are BSing too !
Like I said before, for some, only the arab media can get it right.
Might I remind you that the Canadian media and vote in the UN counsel was not on the Palestinian side.
Forgot.....they are BS too...all controlled by outside forces.
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