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Nice pic Pat, i like the difference in lean angles. I haven't been to any BMWCC events (at least participating) for a couple of reasons.. first being that 2001 was a "show" year for the car because of what I said on the post above... during that show year I managed to blow my motor (#6 piston --- bad tuning with boost and fuel) and I've been limping around on 5 cyl ever since. If you watch the video of me doing donuts and stuff, you'll notice some blue smoke exiting the exhaust. Anyways, last spring I opened the motor up to fix it and found pretty much the whole bottom end pooched... but I had already bought the Porsche too. Now I have 2 expensive projects on the go, and to tell you the truth, I'm really looking forward to the GT2, so the E30's been sitting idle for a while.

I started out with Blake and i've now got a contact with the Ferrari Club of Canada that might be needing me to instruct for them this year. I haven't approached Porsche yet, in due time I guess. There's been a bit of politics in the BMWCC that I'm not happy with (you know about it) so I don't think they'll be needing me since I don't get my car serviced at Raven. I'm always up for it, but I'm not about to kiss-ass for it either... not my style.

Brad, the 3M Armourguard is a clear film that comes in 4" x 6' sheets and glues to the paint on the front of your car. When applied properly it is almost transparent and unnoticable... it wards off nasty stone chips because they literally bounce off. All Rieger GTS kits are fiberglass (I bought mine from Rieger hoping it would be Urethane) The glass itself is actually quite strong and well made though... no complaints there. In my 2 years of driving the car THAT low, I never cracked it once.

Mike, sorry... no more pics at the moments. I think I might have some paper pics kicking around that I have to find and scan.
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