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E39 fun car purchase

Looking at a decent mileage (230k km) E39. Driven by old man. 6 speed,

Really interested in it. I was able to put up with a ratty old rusted and neglected E36. This one looks like it doesn't have any stupid amounts of damage, little/no body rust, but a small chip of rust on the lip of the trunk.

What is there to look out for on a 540i from 1998? Seller says he needs the seatbelt holster replaced (had it done in my old E36 as well), the ABS sensor and an o2 sensor.

Things I tend to be worried about on old BMWs
1) Plastic cooling system ready to fall apart?
2) Motor mounts getting weak (and potentially ****ing up the entire car on a hard launch, like my E36)
3) E36 had subframe issues. What about the E39?
4) Trunk wireharness dying.
5) E-brakes dying (oh god I don't want to buy MORE backing discs and deal with those god-damn drum brake springs)
6) Potential syncros problem...will have to test drive to know if there's a problem here.
7) Dying bushings EVERYWHERE.

Anything I missed? The car looks to be a beauty and well taken care of which is why I'm actually considering purchasing it.

It's a V8 it safe to assume it'll be a pig on gas? 11-14L/100km?

That said, how much should I expect to pay to upgrade to a set of clear headlights?

Thanks guys!

(EDIT: I've already read through the stickies, so no sense in asking me anything about that!)

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