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Naturally, the more time I spent on the car, the more problems I found. As the previous owner had mentioned, the rear defroster wasn't working. The tab on the driver's side was broken off; that was easy enough to fix with the Permatex repair kit. I was very annoyed that the kit contained enough of the conductive epoxy to glue a dozen tabs back on, but in packaging deliberately designed to be single-use only. Cheap bastards. While I was back there I took a look at the rear speakers, which had been ominously silent since I got the car. I swapped in a speaker from the 535 with no improvement. Of course not, that would've been far too easy

The driver's side mirror heater and lock heater weren't working either, and the central locking system wasn't fully functional. With the engine pretty much sorted out it was time to tackle the electrical system

First I cleaned up the big multi-pin connector in the driver's doorjamb. And everything started working again, even the rear speakers! Ok, that's a load of crap. It didn't help, so I took off the door panel and kick panel and prepared for some serious electramatitioning.

When I was taking the kick panel off I noticed a little fuse block sticking out from under the dash; I pulled on it and it came right out in a tangle of wires. Encouraged by this, I kept pulling and eventually all this came spilling out:

Which explained this thing I found earlier:

Yay, free remote starter! The perfect addition to any winter beater, if only it came with an actual remote. Not to worry, there's a place in town that has a proverbial bin-o-obsolete remotes. But I'm not going to worry about it until I get the rest of the electrics sorted. At least the Germans used mostly Bosch . . . if I had a British car I'd have to order some of this:

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