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Originally Posted by Blackedout95 View Post
How did you and the neighbor get to join drives, can't do it here, need to leave 3-4 feet of green
No such regulation here; if you look in the background you can see that houses next to each other have the opposite layout, one has the driveway on the rightmost edge, the next has the driveway on the left, so that as you go around the crescent there will be 2 adjacent driveways separated by a wide expanse of front yard.

Great thread...curious though why is someone in that neighborhood driving a sub $1k beater in winter?
I have to admit that's not my neighbourhood That's the pic from the kijiji ad. They bought the car for their kids to learn to drive with (and it has the scars to prove it).

However . . . if I wanted a house like that, selling my acreage would get me into one. I prefer country(ish) living. Only 10 minutes from the city limits, but it's a whole different world out here. Very few neighbours, very little crime, noise, regulations, you name it.

Why am I driving a cheap old beater? Because I spend all my money on cocaine and hookers, why else?

Seriously though, it's just a question of priorities (and personal quirks). If I really wanted a new car, I could make the payments on quite a nice one. But I haven't had a car payment in 20 years and have no intention of ever having one again. I have friends who make more money than I do but can't afford any toys or a workshop/mad scientist lair like I have . . . the difference is the car payment. Sink a bunch of money into something that loses so much value so quickly, multiply by a few decades, it adds up.

Of course being frugal by nature helps, and so does my MacGuyver-on-crack style. Every time I drive a new vehicle I think "wow, this is really nice" . . . then after an hour or two I get bored because there's no excuse to take an angle grinder to it or spray it with bedliner So instead of one or 2 nice vehicles, I have much more fun with a whole bunch of project vehicles and a continuously upgraded shop.

And finally, I care very little about cars in the first place because I, sir, am a motorcyclist Not a biker, bikers are fat hairy guys who ride Harleys. I have 5 bikes right now, and my gf has another 2 Even in Saskatchewan a bike is my daily driver from April to November, rain or shine; if I can trick the gf into doing all the grocery runs I can go weeks at a time without needing 4 wheels. It's been quite a while since I thought of a car as anything but a necessary evil I have to endure until the snow melts once again. Every dollar wasted on a car is a dollar that could be put towards more bikes, more mods, more tools . . . Score one for the E30, it has charmed me into elevating it from disposable transpo-container to perpetual project status
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