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anyone up for the ultimate challenge?


Ultimate Machine Combat is the new show from the creators of TLC's >> Junkyard Wars and Channel 4's >> Scrapheap Challenge. It will test machines and drivers to the limits of their tolerances and beyond.

That's where you come in. We are looking for the 30 most brilliant teams from around the world to engage in Ultimate Machine Combat. The format is simple and like all good games, the rules are too. Each week, three teams enter the arena but only one team lives to fight another day.

Each team we choose will get 30 days and a pot of money to build the ultimate fighting vehicle. You will build it in your own backyard and then we will transport it to our secret arena where it will fight to survive the rigours of Ultimate Machine Combat.

We will be giving you enough money to build a no-frills vehicle, but if you want to spend more, we won't try and stop you. You may even enlist extra help with the engineering, although only three of you will travel to the competition.

Since this is the biggest, baddest motor-contest ever, we are looking for teams with exceptional skills, a passion for all things mechanical and a competitive streak that borders on the insane. The team must be able to fix, repair or jury-rig the vehicle in any way possible to get it working and at least one team member must have driving and racing experience.

On the next pages you will get a flavour of what you need to become an Ultimate Machine Combatant. There are application forms for you to fill out and much more information about the show.

If you get through our exhaustive selection process we will come and visit you and hand over the loot to get you started.

Anybody Beemers up for it?

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