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Originally Posted by honeydew View Post

I am getting completely SC****D with the M3 though. Lant couldn't do the M3. I had to have an appraisal for over $30K or Car has to be over 15 years old. First year of coverage for the M3: $4700.00 You'd think I would have had 20 DUI's or something. Murder IDK. Went to $2400.00 in year 2. I almost sold over that.
In a word... Brampton....

Derek (a forum member that works on my team) tested a 2011 Mustang GT at his address in Brampton on - $431 a month (he's under 25). SAME CAR, SAME COVERAGE, SAME EVERYTHING with my address in Milton - $191...

2007 Z4 3.0si
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