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Hmmm....I'm thinking with a half decent manifold, a garrett turbo probs off a Volvo or something with similar displacement (forgot the popular one thats half-decent) you should be able to make easy 200whp with they m42 reliably. Tune will obviously spot on for it to work as well. I'd do the head gasket for a piece of mind (stocker should do) and arp head studs if they have em for the m42. Aside from that me thinks motor-wise you should be okay for 200whp. Driveline-wise I'd swap out the small case 4.10 for a a medium cased one or an even easier to find s3.73. For the clutch you can probably get away with a stock e36 m3 flywheel/pressure plate/clutch combo (get ltw flywheel if you wanna ball out a bit). I think the g240 should be able to stand up to the newfound power but if it doesn't or you're just paranoid you can use a 328/m3 ZF trans for the bulletproof solution (you'll need swap driveshafts too). Intercooler and piping are pretty simple eBay is your friend...find an intercooler that fits where you want it, makes you smile and is rated for 350-400hp. For fuelling the stock pump should work just fine (get a walbro 255 if you feel like going overboard) and #30 or #42 injectors should deliver enough fuel with extra headroom for safety. Easy to find as well and reasonably priced. For the exhaust a 2.5" single should do the job if you don't wanna loose ground clearance but a 3" single will make the system more efficient, provide better spool-up and overall power vs 2.5" single and you won't need to redo your exhaust if you one day plan to go for more power. I say 3".

I think I covered most things!
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