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Originally Posted by Slowered318 View Post
Well, I think a reliable 200 hp at the wheels would be enough. Whatever keeps it below the threshold of expensive/impractical.

I would like to obtain the turbocharger, exhaust manifold, plumbing and intercooler for somewhere under $2000. That leaves some money for electronics, fuel delivery, head gasket and to possibly upgrade internals down the road (maybe VAC or MM has something I will need).

Reason I don't want a S52 is that my whole car is built around that little 4 banger, I don't want to upset everything and start from scratch. I have spent a lot of time and money maintaining/tweaking the M42 along with the chassis, I would rather not learn a whole new engine at this point. IMHO I would be better off parking or selling the e30 in a year or two and start with something that is more performance oriented
Alright well the reason I ask is that it pretty much always ends up costing more than you think and it's not like bolting on a suspension kit or HIDs. You're making a very organic change and it will take time, effort and knowledge to get it to be reliable and run well. I propose that learning all of that will be a hell of a lot harder than swapping an S52, which will cost you less, be factory reliable, make more power and you can do it all yourself since it's all just wrenching, possibly with a small amount of soldering but all well documented and no guesswork.

If you are mainly after the challenge then I certainly understand that. But if all you want is about 200whp as painlessly, cheaply and reliably as possible, S52 all the way.
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