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Originally Posted by Kamil View Post
Its been weeks now but i have made some big progress not on the car but on my parts stockpile

- Picked up a pretty good condition set of 16x8 e38 style 5s +23 filled and redrilled to 4x100 but still need tires
- 15mm spacers for the front and 20mm for the rear
- All new BMW emblems all around
- New half shafts, front hub assemblies and bearings, and rear wheel bearings
- Just placed an order with AKG Motorsport for aluminum diff bushing with 12mm aluminum spacer subframe bushings, poly rear trailing arm bushings, poly cabs, and each frame reinforcement kit that they offer such as subframe plates and sway bar reinforcement plates etc.
- Finally my mtech2 rear apron came in after 2 months and outrageous shipping costs from DTMFiberWerkz

Still need to buy either refurbished calipers all around or the rebuild kits, a center support bearing and guibo, and eventually id like to get new ball joints and tie rods but mine are fine right now according to my shop

And last but not least my girlfriend has offered to buy me a new HID kit as mine is blown out, and offered to pay for a fender roller rental to get my fitment right :$ lol... wheels after spacers will be 16x8 +8 front +3 rear and im debating between 195/50, 195/45, 205/40, or 205/45 tires :S

Turns out my build will be much cleaner than expected as i recently found a friend's friend who has a storage unit big enough to use as a shop and he has fully restored an e30 himself recently ( he might be on this forum not sure lol ).. This helps out a lot as now the build wont have to be rushed as it would at an expensive shop and i can actually refresh everything such as painting the subframe, diff, etc etc and focus on the small details to do it right the first time and not half ass anything. Stay tuned ill post some pics soon

I'd get these, but I don't like stretched tires so your opinion may differ.
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