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Originally Posted by bscarlett View Post

This is by no way a slam against your friend, but unless they came from a government store there is a 99% chance they are fake. I am off to the Habanos cigar festival on Monday in Havana. I have seen my fair share of counterfeits. Regardless if these are a good deal or not, I have seen many friends come back from Cuba with great "deals" and almost all of them are fake. Also, Montecristo does not make a #3 in a Tube. A Monte #3 is a 42 Gauge and 5.5 inches, the Tubos are 6 inches and 42 Gauge.

Here is good site with samples of counterfeits.,3390,,00.html
Good post. Plus Romeo y Julieta and Montecristo are the most counterfeited cigars. Unless it was bought from a government store you bought a (probably) real box, and some cigars happen to be inside.
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