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Originally posted by tlaselva
Unfortunately new cars depreciate very quickly.
Went to 4 Chevy dealerships, and only had one that would even consider a trade in + cash for less than 10G's.

With some bargaining, got a brand new '03 Quick Silver one for the M3 plus $7500 dollars.
QS is not my favourite colour, but it's discreet, which will help keep the cops off my posterior. With a Z06, I'm going to need it. Going to run a stripe from the front to the back of the car, likely in black, or red.

One of the reason's I traded the Z for the M, (Yes it's a Z06 John), is the aftermarket for this car is huge, and it's retarded how far you can go with this car, at a relatively reasonable price.
Going to start with the X pipe and intake mods. That should net me high 300's in HP&TRQ to the rear wheels.
Not going to go crazy with the mods at first. This car unlike the M doesn't have the electronical sophistication in safety features like TC, SC, and ABS.
The Z06 is a car will not save you from yourself. Take this car beyond its envelope, and you are going to be in trouble. At this point, I think it would be prudent that I learn to drive this car properly, and once I've learned to properly handle it, then I'll up the performance.

Actually, I think you'll find the Z06 to be completely the opposite of the M3 in that sense. The Z06 has TONS of traction control, yaw control, active handling type crap in it at the moment. For the 2001 version, it was functionally impossible to turn it all off (you could disable it to some extent, but not shut it off completely). From 2002 on, this was supposedly fixed, and you could actually drive the car yourself.

However, the Z06 does a much better job at *saving the driver's a$$* than the M3 does. We've had several at the track, and I've driven a few of them. Damn fast cars (I still want one badly, as my daily driver!!), but left up to the computer, it will interfere in EVERY corner. In fact, the Z06 can make a bad driver look like (and unfortunately believe) that he is a lot better than he really is.

I'll give Chevy credit, they certainly got the car right this time. It's the first true sports car I've seen out of them yet, and definately better bang for the buck than the Viper.

With the right preparation and driver, these cars are capable of high 1:20s at Mosport in a highly streetable configuration (ie, still stock appearing).

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