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Originally posted by MP328
did u have to pay anything on top? or they giving u some money back?
btw. i can still kick your ass at go karting
Unfortunately new cars depreciate very quickly.
Went to 4 Chevy dealerships, and only had one that would even consider a trade in + cash for less than 10G's.

With some bargaining, got a brand new '03 Quick Silver one for the M3 plus $7500 dollars.
QS is not my favourite colour, but it's discreet, which will help keep the cops off my posterior. With a Z06, I'm going to need it. Going to run a stripe from the front to the back of the car, likely in black, or red.

One of the reason's I traded the Z for the M, (Yes it's a Z06 John), is the aftermarket for this car is huge, and it's retarded how far you can go with this car, at a relatively reasonable price.
Going to start with the X pipe and intake mods. That should net me high 300's in HP&TRQ to the rear wheels.
Not going to go crazy with the mods at first. This car unlike the M doesn't have the electronical sophistication in safety features like TC, SC, and ABS.
The Z06 is a car will not save you from yourself. Take this car beyond its envelope, and you are going to be in trouble. At this point, I think it would be prudent that I learn to drive this car properly, and once I've learned to properly handle it, then I'll up the performance.

Be happy to take anyone for a ride. Just ask when we meet.

Still gonna be sad when I take the plates off the M.......

Hey John, empty ur PM box. Trying to send u a PM.
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