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When I realized that a M20B27 is a piece of underpowered shit, I went and got an M50TUB25 from Montreal with 160,000 km on it. For $500, with the E36 steering rack, it was a good deal.

Next I needed a E34 oil pan, pick up and dip stick. So I found a '92 525i being parted out and took the engine for the stealie price of $100. (did have to drive for an hour to get it though)

In the mean time, I sewed a shift boot and bought a wheel for $90 (Nardi).

ANYWAYS: This new sandy Egyptian colored car is called ANoobIs. Cuz it's a Noob Build, clothed in the fallen skins of the dead. (Mr. Eastwood)

I'm seriously considering keeping the diving boards on it, with the valance of the later model. I'm not sure yet. I do like this car though.

REMEMBER: Be safe and have fun is Rule Number 1.

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