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just to update this thread. i received great service from these folks, untill i got my winters taken off last month. i had a heavy vibration with my mint falkens. i went back. the inside of my 2 front tires are down to the wear bars. only 20,000km. they screwed up the balancing and the tire cupped. they are refusing to do anything for me. they said they would call the falken rep and that he would call me. this was last monday. i have yet to hear from him. my whole front end is tight and all suspension components have been replaced in the past year and the alignment was done within the past year. they are refusing to admitt they balanced the tire incorrectly. funny thing is my winter tires are in great condition for being on my car all winter. after a month my summer tires are ****ed?!? very poor customer service! and they arent even willing to give me a discount on new tires
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