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Originally Posted by m50tech View Post
my friend has a 87 bmw and he was boosting and piston #3 bended the valve and ever since it has never been the same i just dont want to go throught that with my car i rather do my research right
That has nothing to do with research. And that is a horrible reason to lower the compression of an engine that much.

If everything has been set up correctly, there is no issue with bending valves at all. My friend is making 400RWHP on a stock motor M20. No bent valves.

Just because your friend did something wrong doesn't mean you should sacrifice your build like that and going with such a low CR.

You lower CR to increase detonation resistance under boost. You don't do it to save your valves. If thats why you're doing it, get forged pistons with deep valve reliefs end of story.
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