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Originally Posted by BMWF1
Dude go **** yourself, post more then once before trying to sell something.
haha pwnt.

anyway, as you've already pointed out, i don't own a BMW- what possible reason would i have to post here other than to get rid of this part a roomie left behind when he bailed out of my house?

Originally Posted by BMWF1
^^ exactly....tell us your price and perhaps one of your auctions on ebay. Not just Send Paypal to xxx
i don't remember giving out a paypal address.

i did give out an EMAIL address people could contact me at to inquire further, but decided to take it down because obviously there are a few unfriendlies like yourself on this board; people who probably wouldn't have qualms about signing the address up to a bunch of porn mailing lists or something.

i DID give a price. $105 shipped. at this point you're spreading so much inaccuracy i'm given cause to wonder whether YOU'RE dishonest or just of below-average intelligence.

and i don't know about anyone else, but i've gotten scammed more on ebay than i have doing business on subaru forums like NASIOC and i-Club; which is why i closed my ebay account years ago. i feel safer doing business on forums, because at least it's more likely that the other person is also a car enthusiast- and what kind of buyer's guarantee is ebay anyway? ooh, negative feedback- BFD. paypal has a fraud guarantee anyway, so what is wrong with me not wanting to give both ebay AND paypal a cut of the transaction?

now if you don't want the part, i'll thank you to STFU. i did nothing to wrong you, and IMO you're being an a$$hole for no good reason.

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