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wow talk about needing updates..

Originally Posted by bmdbley'sBro View Post
i'm doing good, the car not so much.

I found a guy in kingston that does some pro work to redo my mani.
tapp & a lot of other shops have used him.
i dropped the car off oct15th was suppossed to be done Nov15th (yeah right)
but we know how the custom mod stuff can go.

so hopefully before x-mas i'll have it back with;
new manifold w/external wastegate. turbo's weight will be supported &
my rigid Downpipe will now have some flexpipe in it (very important)
also polished intake piping, etc.

then i'll need to worry about my 5000Km old leaking seals on my most awesome rebuild
-same shop that made the mani-
im hoping most of it is leaking from the block/pan gasket.
ah, well at least i did need those piston rings, less smoke
^ this well recommended guy SHAFTED ME!
whole time he's telling me he's working on it! when it was in fact just sitting
on gravel for like 60+ days..

guy emailed me 3 days before x-mas: come get your car i can't work on it.
I had trouble getting ahold of this clown, but ended up getting my car back+ $100 for gas & travel/crap..
but my parking brakes had Seized so it needed to be flat bedded back to ottawa..
thankfully i had caa or that would've been like $500+

anyways finally found a guy in gat.. he redid everything (pics et cetera):

my massive oil leak turned out to be (are you ready) a $2 O-ring for my dipstick!
yeah all my seals are great 100%

kills me that this car was on so many hoists looked at by so many mech's,
but no one wiggled that loose dip stick in the pan, not even me..

oh so anyways my rebuild lasted 6 days (under 40hrs) then the turbo blew up

its at dudes shop getting a new turbo for free. I should get it back next week.
after oct 15th

so sly what hurdles have you encountered??
how hard or easy was the smt6 & megasquirt 'timing retarder' setup & tuning????
very all i have is the fueling part
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