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Originally Posted by King Luis View Post
if it feels like the rear end is loose when accelerating, your rear trailing arm bushing are calling it quits. for your tires, either get an alignment first or replace your front control arm bushings and rear trailing arm bushings, get those replaced if you've never replaced them then get an alignment.

i doubt it'd be your shocks and struts.

Well I know for fact that the rear shocks need to be replaced due to them slowly leaking, but I don't doubt that some bushings need to be replaced.

We have 'm3' control arms that were installed both in the front by Cross Avenue, so that should be good for bushing wise I'm guessing. Just the rear now to do if anything.

Originally Posted by MPackage View Post
That is definitely a pigeon toe for your tires…do the alignment and you should be fine I would take it to RMP Motors talk to Rocco he will do it all for you…and even get you the parts..

I'll have to call around the get pricing but thank you.
It's hard trusting shops for us nowaday
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