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Originally Posted by damameke View Post
it's nice to know,

reading about the 2 cars that hit the wall at turn 10 and all these bickering on which track is safe or not; plants a bad impression in my brain . for i am thinking about taking a lesson next summer...
I can understand your thoughts since my thread that was supposed to be about the joys of taking your car to a track but turned into a bunch o shit talking bullshit spewing shit show shit storm kablooiemeow.......someone would percieve a track day to be a negative thing. But that's what happens when people don't get laid in a long time. They bicker. Entertaining though!


The only reason those guys crashed is they made a mistake on the track......
Same thing applies to any track, and the same thing applies to any highway. They were in the advanced group and in my view they are allowed to push harder. You push harder the more likely you are to make a mistake.

WHat I'm trying to say is don't let a couple of people who crashed ruin what could be one of the best times you could have in your car.
It was a real eye opener for me. And I had a f uckin blast. Throw everything you think you know about driving out the window. I thought I was a pretty good driver but learned about stuff I didn't even know existed, or never thought twice about. And I felt VERY safe out there.
I recommend it to everyone.
And I guarantee you'll have an amazing time.

Originally Posted by JINT View Post
Some people have serious track experience from the cruise, so what is fast to you, isn't fast to them.

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