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Picking up a U.S. 1990 325IS, questions for the E30 Guru's???

My GF's mom has a beautiful E30 sitting in her garage in San Francisco that I've been begging her to sell to me for going on about 5 years. The car is a 325IS Convertable, so I guess that makes it a 325IC? Anyhow she is the original owner, just rolled 100,000 Miles and it is a super clean bone stock accident free car that I'm finally getting up here to TO.

I drove the car in 2007 when I was down there and fell in love with it, the suspension is tight, it sounds great, the interior is in awesome shape, the only thing I'm not so juiced on is that its a convertable (but can't win them all)

Mods - This is where I need your help?
Suspension - I wanna lower it and tighten things up the slightest bit, I don't wanna be slammed and I noticed it rides pretty low already but the rear seemmed to be slightly lower (suggestions on quality parts)

Wheels - Not looking for anything to big, 16's would be great 17's could work, staggered/deep dish would be nice, again suggestions?

Bumpers - I was thinking the E30 M3 bumpers and sides but sourcing those would prob be expensive/difficult any suggestions in this department??

Excuse my newbness, really just hoping for some ideas for parts, suggestions and things to look out for from people who have experience with these cars.

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