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Originally Posted by crusher
Hey nelson, vlad.. lets say I put in eurosport cam kit + pulleys (240-250RWHP) on my car s52 with 3.23:1 final drive.. Should that be ok or do I need to change that to 3.15:1 like what they put into the s54 M Coupes? Looks like even the euro 84 m3's have a 3.15:1 final drive with 286hp..

Lastly, should I be looking into putting in forged piston now?
There's a few
JE Forged Pistons and
Wiseco S52 Piston Kit, E36 M3, 3.2L, 13:1 CR

s54 M Coupe = 11.5:1
s52/s50 M Coupe = 11.3:1

What would a higher 13:1 compression do?

You will be fine.
94 M3 uses 3.15, that's correct, but 94 M3 GT uses 3..23 and 321hp M3 uses 3.23
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