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Originally Posted by new2bmw
Hi , Tried to PM you but inbox is full. Just thought i would let ya know.

Originally Posted by new2bmw View Post
I totally hear you with the OCD lol. Honestly if you have the time and patience to do it now, i would go for it. When else are you going to get this opportunity again? If you don't you will not be happy when its all done, like you said you and only you will know about the small stuff you left out or didn't do. Just my 2 cents for what it's worth. Amazing progress, great work!
Yeah I know, Ive been weighing my options and I don't think im going to go for it. Again, this wasnt intended to be a show car build, and all of the bad spots won't be visible with the motor in. Im terrible at bodywork, and fumbling and learning as i go for the other parts of the build so I'm not going to get into it.

Just gonna weld up the motor mount and sway bar reinforcements and call it a day for the engine bay. That way I can actually finish and hopefully have all the kinks worked out by the spring, otherwise ill be working on this the rest of my life

Also put the car back on the wheels and rolled it onto the driveway for some cleaning and repositioning in the garage

How the rear wheels sit. Both upper and lower spring pads are still in, I think I'll keep them. The fronts will be running e90 drop hats, some form of camber plate and I think no spring pad -- to give the stance a nice rake. thoughts?

How facking high the front is sitting without the motor and tranny in -- I thought we were catching on something when we put the car down


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