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Originally Posted by davericher20 View Post
Nope, he was talking about the driver footing the bill instead of the insurance co.
That's ridiculous! What's the point of insurance if you can't have a damn accident? Regardless of whether or not it's the individual's fault.

What are they going to introducre next? If you're speeding and get into an accident you're not covered?

F'ing turds.

Originally Posted by King Luis View Post
Ever seen what the people in finland have to do to get their license?
something like 3 months are spent on a skid pad before hitting the streets.
Yeah, I was watching a documentary on that one day. I thought it was ridiculous how it snows almost half the year here and our new driver's don't even know WTF is oversteer or understeer much less being able to get themselves out of a skid.

I actually asked one of the teenagers that i used to manage at McDonald's what would they do if their car starts to oversteer and the individual actually said "I don't know, i just hope i don't hit anything." I was like great, Ontario's driver education at it's best.

You teach me how to parralell park and place grave emphasis on it during my examination but you don't teach me about vehicle dynamics or car control?
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