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Originally Posted by spoony_prelude View Post
im not one to put people down, but after seeing a post from phil about rmp, i lost a hell of a lot of respect for him! it was a thread about some guy pm'ing bimmersport for a quote and they never got back to him, and when he pm'ed rocco, he got a prompt response, and phil said thats because all he does is sit on the computer.

honestly this pissed me off quite a bit because last year i popped my stock 328i, jonny sold me his which was "mint". let me explain how it went at the shop, after the swap, car overheated hard after i left the shop, they cracked my windshield even though when i asked charlie he said it wasnt them, reverse lights never worked again, and the motor which was "mint" leaked oil like a dirty whore, had 2 bad ignition coils, and the water pump siezed a week after i got the motor, now i never said anything because i dont like bashing shops, one thing i will give charlie is everytime i called him, he would always call back regardless if it was sat night! oh ya and it took them a week to do this sloppy job

now phil, the idea you gave everyone by saying rocoo sits on his ass on the computer all day, then y is it when he installed my M motor 2 months ago he did it in 1 day?!?! which came out perfect, and not only that, he installed my new flywheel, clutch, changed ALL fluids, and put in a new heatshield all in one day!

you dont like getting bashed, dont bash others!

im not trying to bash bimmersport, or jonny, or phil, because there are obviously many satisfied and happy customers of theirs on this forum. But dont put other shops down, and then not expect other people to do it to your work/shop!

OMG i cant believe we are getting in another RMP/Bimmersport argument in my thread!
This is about MY CAR, not Bimmersport, Eurostyle, RMP or ME!
Does what i have to say about some shope change ANYTHING about the car? Or who likes it? I guess so! If it was one of RMP's buddys some people would lover it?
What i said was a general statement, including but NOT limited to RMP, and i stand by it. It was my honest oppinion, not a cheap stab (like some!).

As for your experience with John/Bimmersport...Did you tell them all this, did you use the "Feedback" section??? If not, dont bring things up years later, when nothing can be done...
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