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Originally Posted by Panerai View Post
Interested in a trade?
2003 Subaru WRX 400hp (Keep the rims, I got the same ones


Wow, Subi looks great! colour, stance, wheels! really nice car bud! Sorry man I'd just like to sell. Not looking to get into another toy. Thanks though!

Originally Posted by ZHP_Bimmer05 View Post
Hey werent you in DivisionR? I was beside you in one of the meet pics, I own the Rx8 with Work VS-XX rims Your car is gorgious! GL with the sale bro.
Hey yeah I believe we did meet. At the dave and busters parking lots. I know I had some pics of that shoot but can't seem to find them! Anyways Thanks a lot man! hope all is well! Your mazda looks greaton the volks!

2011 M3 coupe/moonstone/fox red
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