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Originally Posted by HavocSteve View Post
Well done! Looks sharp. Kinda suck it's winter Looking at that during winter time would make me upset. It's like my dad starting up his hotrod just for a minute so he can hear the rumble. I would do the same with that car in the garage.
I was talking about my license plate, not the car. Winter tires all around, i'm not planing to store it, unless its totally nasty outside.

Originally Posted by BMW_7 View Post
You're blowing it out of proportion. it's not even below freezing during daytime. and if you're scared about getting salt on it, seriously just go to a coin op, pay $3 and rinse all the salt off from the underbody. Modern epoxy primers, clear coats and panel designs kill any chances of rust forming in modern cars..
Exactly, a 3 month pass to PetroCanada, and I'm good to go.

Originally Posted by Robb View Post
2012 M3 Dream car ? lol
Should got a CRX Vitaly.
To each his own i guess.
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