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Originally Posted by Crustashio View Post
There are plenty of reasonably priced 528 tourings in the states. As usual, canadian sellers far overvalue what they have. 5-7k seems to be the range for a pretty good (but not perfect) 528it manual. You could probably pay someone to do the shipping/importing and still come in way below that hilarious 12k one.

Some already sold, but examples from the past year on BFc alone with a 2 minute search:

I'm planning to get one myself this year and I'm not even bothering to look in canada. The e39s don't quite have the cult pricing that the e46s are starting to see now.

Thanks for this!! I am definitely picking one up from the US now. Selection of well cared for cars is much better and pricing is fair even with exchange, duties, taxes etc. I am not in a huge rush so I will keep my eyes open on the forums as well as ebay and Autotrader (US version).

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