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Sorry for late reply, been busy.. I finally had the time to bed them in today. I did 8 runs from 60 to about 15 with hard braking and fast acceleration. Once done, I cruise at 60 for 3-4 mins to let the brakes cool and tested for vibration, it was still there. So I repeated this bedding in process for a total of 5 times, each time cruising for couple mins to cool the brakes down without using them. In the end, I did not see any change in vibration.

I will check the wheels for play in FCABs. That is the next step. However, wouldn't the car have some sort of vibration without the brakes applied if the FCABs were gone? My car just rides perfectly fine, even at speeds up to 130. And also, the problem did disappear before when I resurfaced the rotors, and later replaced them. It just lasts couple months and problem comes back.
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