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solve my sound problem.. and win

... bragging rights.

When i brake there is a crunchy-ish grindy-ish sound from the front of the car... only at the end of the stopping motion - for for the last meter before it actually stops.

this is not the standard "need new pads" squeal i am accustomed to.

Normally i'd say change the pads/rotors, but i looked at the pads and they have a lot of meat still left on them (i looked without removing the wheel).
my brake-wear sensors haven't turned on yet either.

My car is a '99 323i (its a bmw). mostly stock except for the lowering springs and sport shocks I put in. it rides very low, and has hit a shit load of speed bumps and crap-pitch driveways with its belly (yes, "belly" is an anatomically correct term for a car).

any thoughts?

Ps. that was sarcasm about the (its a bmw) thing.

Thanks peeps.

pps. i love maxbimmer. and i think it should go public.
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