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if you have a 1.1.2 phone out the box, check the boot loader version you have. if you have 4.6 you cant software unlock it. You will have to go with a sim emulator like turbosim etc. But it requires you cutting your sim in Half for it to work.

You may be lucky and get a virgin 1.1.2 phone that was made in week 44 or earlier that has the old version of the boot loader. If this is the case you can unlock the phone, even if 1.1.2 is the firm ware.

1.1.2 firmware is not the issue, it is the base band thats loaded on the new iphones thats the problem. When the phone boots up it scans the entire firmware for any "exploits" or if its been tampered with.

This is my predicament. I broke my 1.0.2 4 gig phone (i dropped his ass and the bottom part of the touch panel is no longer responsive.) I upgraded to 1.1.2 firmware and sent his ass back to apple) Good thing a family member of mine bought it for me in Atlanta, they will be sending me a new one, but chances are it will have the new boot loader. So i will just hold onto the phone until the software unlock is out. if its a few months I will bite the bullet and get the turbosim.

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