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Well its been a while since my last update. One of my rear subframe bushings let go and made a nasty knocking noise. I also had a pretty badly bent front diff bolt. I managed to get my car on a hoist at my friends shop and boy am I glad I didn't decide to tackle this one at home on jack stands. I put the AKG 95A poly ones in along with oe diff bushings. I have new rtabs as well but didn't have the time or energy to install those so I'll try and put them in some time next week. This is all to get the car ready for the BMW advanced driving school which is taking place on Sept. 8 & 9. I can't wait to get the car on the Mosport GP track! The car feels amazing with the new bushings in the rear end. No more drive train slop! I recommend the AKG poly 95A stuff because there really isn't any increase in NVH the car just feels a lot more planted to the ground. I'll post a pic of the diff bolt later..

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