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2 tickets and you're still fine. The ticket your father got will be gone in another year and off the record. Do you share the same vehicle? If so, it will count as 2 tickets on the record, but keep in mind most insurance companies look at each INDIVIDUAL driver... therefore you will each have ONE strike.

Check your policy to confirm. It should be 1 to 8 pages long depending on how small the font is, and RARELY does anyone read the fine print.


Proprone: I paid $10K for ONE car (the Z/06) for ONE year. I got fed up of that real quick and sold the car. I also got rid of the 740, 540, 330, and my 2nd gen RX-7 project car. I still have my '88 stang (loaned to my friend) and '92 stang (current project 99% completed) and my E30 (winter beater). My wife kept the '05 Caravan SE/DVD as the family taxi.

Considering now that I have no debt, I'm a real happy camper.
2010 BMW 335D - Many mods to come!
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