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Digital climate control - Final stage unit/resistor -wiring info?

Does anyone know what exactly each of the 5 wires going to the final stage resistor are supposed to do?
From my memory, I think there is a yellow, green, blue, brown, and another colour going to the clip which attaches to the final stage resistor.

I know the final stage regulates fan speed but I wasn't sure if my flaps not operating properly may have something to do with the final stage resistor. I had to change that clip because one of the wires fried so I'm thinking that when I spliced the new clip one of my connections may be faulty. I did check and everthing seems good but maybe I missed something.

I posted this earlier thread about my climate control.
  • I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this. My E36 digital climate control doesn't seem to control vent direction anymore. For example, today i pressed the a/c button to turn on and the defrost and the cold air came right out of the front vents. The fan speed works fine. Also, when i try to adjust the vent direction when the a/c is off, it doesn't change over to my selection - feet, front vents or windshield vent.
Funny enough I popped by my climate control into my buddies car and it worked.

Basically it seems that the car is "confused". Is there any way to reset all of the cars stored computer codes/memory or reset the climate unit itself? or is there a part between the electronic control and the blower motor that needs replacement?

Please help with some feedback if possible!

Thanks Sunny
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