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Time to once again try and clean out the garage of stuff. here's some of the amps I have sitting around. I may have some other stuff to. Just email me.

Arc Audio FD 4100 (NEW in the box). 4x50 watts @ 4 ohms or 2x170 watts bridged @ 4 ohms. Also has high level inputs so you can run it right off the factory speaker wires or you can go off an aftermarket deck with RCAs. $290 cash.

Arc Audio FD 600.1 mono block. 600 watts @ 2 ohms mono, 600 watts @ 1 ohm mono. Also has high level inputs so you could run a sub right off the factory signal from your stock wiring or aftermarket deck via RCA's. $290 cash.

(sorry no picture at this time, I must have deleted it )

Treo Engineering MSX1 350 watt mono-block for subwoofer applications. New in the box. Tiny little Class D amp that makes lots of power at 1 ohm mono. $200 cash

Lastly, DLS CAD11 1010 watt mono-block also for subwoofer applications. $380 cash.

Located in Woodbridge.

Best way to reach me is via Email :
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