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Hmm. Now the weekend is over. I don't know, I feel almost disappointed by the lack of progress, but I can't say that, because Kurt and myself worked our asses off this weekend (with the help of Richard whenever he decided to show up lol), however I didn't reach my goal of having the whole car painted, I must look at the bright side, and at least all the main pieces of the puzzle are painted. Only the door remains to be painted, and a few spots here and there that need a few dents worked out (that mostly I decided to rush on ).

Kurt has a few pics of the front nose panel when we were working on it... that turned out super duper well. I am very pleased with that. Everything lines up well and looks nice and straight. Here are the pics I have with me currently:

And the rear of the car almost sorted, just a few more spots to touch up in this pic.


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