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Engine problems in freezing temperatures

I have a 1994 320i. When the temperature gets to about -5c the car starts and idles fine but about a mile down the road it starts to jerk like it is misfiring. It goes away after the car gets up to normal operating temperature. When the temperature gets below -10c the car either won't start or it will fire up and then spurt and sputter until it dies. In both cases black smoke will come out the tailpipe if I press the accelerator quickly. This goes away after the car is up to temp. The car works perfectly fine in the spring, summer and fall. Last year I put new plugs in it to get it to pass etest. I have also checked the coolant temperature sensor with my ohm meter and it tests fine. I also ran some fuel injector cleaner. To me, it seems like it's not getting the right air/fuel mixture. Does anyone else have any idea's? This is really perplexing and annoying and I want it fixed. The car is really not worth spending much money on and if I could find out what the problem is, I know I could just fix it myself. I have checked everywhere on the internet and I can't find an answer.
Help please
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