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Originally posted by KennyTheGreat
actually bry and i drove across the city back into the richmond hill area. But what I'm trying to say is that stupid little whimpy kids have nothing better to do but go out and egg cars.

nice ride btw but ouch, egg on a white car :O

hope you catch them ****ers, kick the shit outta them. oh ya, GET PICS TOO, so if anyone on this forum EVER thought about eggnig someone's car, the outcome would be a beating close to death
Ya man, I drove the loud 5-series E34..white? my car is black...
but regardless, I worked hard to save the money to repair this car back to 100% and fix it up a bit and Ill be damned if I let these white trash yokell punk bitches touch my car. They dont understand that some people are mental about their cars.
I am one of them.

It doesnt matter that this happened to MY car, I would snap on ANYBODY doing this to any car. If I caught someone egging any car, whether it be an M3 or a K car I would be mad..

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